How to respond to update of axis data?

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I need to set a callback for when data in axis is updated. Is there a way to do this? i.e is their a way to be notified when a figure/axis/line data changes.

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Eric Delgado
Eric Delgado on 6 Oct 2022
Edited: Eric Delgado on 6 Oct 2022
Hey @bethel o, yeah, it's possible. "YData" is not a property of figure or axes, ok?
fig = figure;
ax1 = axes(fig);
h = plot(ax1, randn(1001,1));
addlistener(h, 'YData', 'PostSet', @(~,~)disp("YData changed!"));
% Changing data...
h.YData(1) = 2*h.YData(1);
% Answer:
% "YData changed!"
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bethel o
bethel o on 7 Oct 2022
How do you acquired this kind of Jedi skills?

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