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I would like to create figures within a script without actually drawing them, on the assumption that this will save time, RAM, and GPU resources. I would like to save those objects as pictures. However, each figure is a layering of two different datasets. In an interactive setting I would achieve this through the hold on command
A = randi(9,1,15);
B = randi(9,1,15);
MyScatter = scatter([1:15],A)
hold on
MyScatter = scatter([1:15],B)
But this still creates a figure window and draws the objects to the screen.
Is there a way to do what I describe, perhaps via copyobj? And/or am I unlikely to see significant computational savings by doing so?

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Mahdi Hayati
Mahdi Hayati on 24 Sep 2022
To save figure as picture in your system, without actually showing the figure, first make your figure invisible:
f = figure('visible','off');
then go for your scatter and add them to the ' f ' which is your invisible figure.
finally you can use saveas function to save the figure as picture.
Gabriel Stanley
Gabriel Stanley on 26 Sep 2022
Understood, and thank you for the warning. I had been going to preallocate/define the axes properties of the scatter plot, but It's very late where I am and for reasons I haven't had time to run down,
MyFigure = figure('visibile','off')
MyAxes= axes(MyFigure,%Various Name/Value pairs)
Was thowing an error indicating MyFigure wasn't an appropriate handle. If I notice any significant problem while putting the scatterplots into my report, I'll remember this and see about debugging the handle issue.

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