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How can I get analog input data to Speedgoat target machine I/O?

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Hi alls,
I am using Simulink real-time simulation and Speedgoat target machine to complete my graduation project.
I 'd like to sample external analog signals (such as a mic) through the IO module and then process them. Like the classic ANC example provided in the community. However, my supported Modules is IO334-325k. And there is no corresponding Analog IO library for IO334-325k.
And the analog data of the microphone can not be read by using other Analog Input library (e.g.,Simulink Desktop Real-time).
I carefully studied the examples in the help documentation and found that it was not covered.
So how can I get the analog input through IO334-325k.
THANKS in advance

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Dimitri MANKOV
Dimitri MANKOV am 19 Sep. 2022
Hi Eric,
The IO334-325k is a Simulink-programmable FPGA, meaning that you'll have to use HDL Coder to synthesise your own bitstream (configuration file) that includes an algorithm to sample your signal using the analog input channels of the IO334-325k module.
Speedgoat provides example models showing how this can be done in their IO334-325k HDL Coder Integration Package, which can be downloaded from your Speedgoat Customer Portal account.
I hope this is helpful!

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