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Why do I get an error regarding "isfi" when using the "qammod" function?

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I am trying to use the "qammod" function from the Communications Toolbox and I am unable to use it as I receive an error. The command I am executing is shown below:
>> qammod(randi(1, 1, 10)-1, 2)
I receive the following error:
'isfi' requires Fixed-Point Designer.
Error in qammod>validateInput (line 257)
if isfi(x)
Error in qammod (line 95)
validateInput(x, M, bitInput, outputDataType);
Why can I not use "qammod"?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team am 31 Mai 2022
The Communications Toolbox requires both the DSP System Toolbox and Signal Processing Toolbox to be installed, as well as MATLAB. The function "isfi" is shipped with the DSP System Toolbox which needs to be installed for the correct functioning of the "qammod" function. As the "qammod" function calls the "isfi" function, if the DSP System Toolbox is not installed then "qammod" will produce this error message.
To resolve this issue please reinstall the Communications Toolbox along with the previously stated required system products for the Communications Toolbox. This should resolve the issue.
I have attached a link to the Product Requirements for the Communications Toolbox below:

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