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Remove error bar ends for R2014b?

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Hi all
Is there any way to remove the error bar ends in matlab R2014b?
I used a function called removeErrorBarEnds for this, but cannot find a version that works in R2014b.
Thanks in advance.
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Gabriel Piedrafita
Gabriel Piedrafita on 4 Oct 2017
At least in the latest versions of MATLAB, one can use the in-built function 'errorbar' and remove the bar ends by tuning the error bar cap size to 0.
y = rand(1,10); err = y.*0.1; errorbar(y,err,'CapSize',0)

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Accepted Answer

Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 11 Apr 2015
This errbar function works in pre- and post-2014b.
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David on 5 Jun 2015
Chad, this is awesome, I'm now a grateful errbar user.

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