Modifying MATLAB code according to conditions (MATLAB)

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high speed
high speed am 30 Aug. 2022
Bearbeitet: high speed am 1 Sep. 2022
I have this code
A = sum(matrix(decode == 1, :), 1);
B = max(A);
C = find( A == B );
D = mod(code(C)+1,2);
I want to modify this code, in such a way it flips only the first bit not all the bits
For example we have a sequence code where the bits are (2nd, 4th , 7th and 9th bits)
In this case I want to flip only the 2nd bits.

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Voss am 31 Aug. 2022
B = max(A);
C = find( A == B , 1 );
[B,C] = max(A);

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