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How to write this in the for loop?

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Ara am 28 Aug. 2022
Kommentiert: Ara am 28 Aug. 2022
Dear All,
I have a for loop and I want to read n for n=1:100 and n=200:300,
for n= 1:100 and 200:300;
How to write it in the for loop?
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rumin diao
rumin diao am 28 Aug. 2022
use two loops 1:100 and 200:300 seperately?
Ara am 28 Aug. 2022
I want to read 1:50 and also 100:200 in one file. The output contain these two groups.

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Abderrahim. B
Abderrahim. B am 28 Aug. 2022
Try this --
for n = [1:100 200:300]
continue % adding this just to demonstrate

Swaroopa am 28 Aug. 2022
Hi Ara,
You can use for loop and if condition to read n for numbers 1 to 100 and 200 to 300 in the following way
for i=1:500
if (i>=1 & i<=100) | (i>=200 & i<=300)
input("Enter an number : ")
Hope it helps.


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