Energy balance of stirred tank

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Nicola De Noni
Nicola De Noni am 22 Aug. 2022
Kommentiert: Nicola De Noni am 23 Aug. 2022
Hello everyone!
I want to solve this equation in order to plot the theoretical temperature profile T:
I know the value of mass (10000), specific heat (2000), U (120), area (25) and the profile of T_w during time.
The experimental values of temperature T are known:
Thanks in advance!

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Torsten am 22 Aug. 2022
Bearbeitet: Torsten am 23 Aug. 2022
syms rho cp V u A Tw T0 T(t) Tw(t)
eqn = rho*cp*V*diff(T,t) == u*A*(Tw-T);
cond = T(0)==T0;
T = dsolve(eqn,cond)
T = 
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Sam Chak
Sam Chak am 23 Aug. 2022
The theoretical solution for the Temperature profile subject to
, and
is given by:
Nicola De Noni
Nicola De Noni am 23 Aug. 2022
Thanks @Sam Chak and @Torsten! You're very kind.

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Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens am 22 Aug. 2022
doc ode45


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