Error with anisotropic diffusion script

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BA am 19 Aug. 2022
Beantwortet: Walter Roberson am 20 Aug. 2022
I tried to use the attached 'anisotropic diffusion' script but it gives me an error that it does not work on 3d image. I wonder if anyone has an updated script to work on the attached example image.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 20 Aug. 2022
The great majority of gray-looking jpg images are actually rgb images.
  • you could take special steps to convert to a true grayscale jpg image
  • you could convert the image to grayscale and write it as png or other format that is more suitable for grayscale
  • you could rgb2gray the image after reading it in
  • you could go back to the original dicom data and write it as png

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