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My App does not plot the data i read, why?

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Alex Perrakis
Alex Perrakis am 17 Aug. 2022
Kommentiert: Alex Perrakis am 17 Aug. 2022
Hello Dear Matlab Community,
i am trying to develope a GUI with the help of MATLBA app designer and i am hopelessly stuck, i do not know why my app does not plot the data that is appears to read. I would very much appreciate any help you can give me. I will upload the app i have written as well as the data i have to read, if you want to make it run on your pc you may have to adjust the path. Also i removed the ";" to see if the does indeed read the data and it appears to be so.
Please place the .csv in one file to open then, the skript iterates between them.
Thank you very much in advance, i am a complete novice in GUIs and app design so be gentle :D

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly am 17 Aug. 2022
  1. You need to get rid of clear on line 60. This removes the uicomponents from the "app" variable. This prevents you from plotting later.
  2. I recommend using dir(fullfile(URL,'*.csv')) so that only ".csv" are read in the selected directory.
close all
URL = uigetdir('C:\_Daten');
measurements = dir(fullfile(URL,'*.csv')); measurements(1:2) = [];

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