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I can not authorize my API call

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Dion Theunissen
Dion Theunissen am 17 Aug. 2022
Beantwortet: Suraj am 13 Sep. 2023
I try to create a PUT API call but I am not able to authorize my call.
username = 'APIDionSimi';
password = '****'; = "e37b35dd-4aca-4ecb-8972-55c3a27a8b11";
data = jsonencode(s,PrettyPrint=true)
% data = jsondecode(s,Prettyprint=true);
body =;
% authorizationField ="APIDionSimi","NOgp!3808")
contentTypeField ='application/json');
% autho ="Username","APIDionSimi","Password","NOgp!3808")
header = [contentTypeField]
method =;
uri = ""
request =,header,body);
resp = send(request,uri)
I tried several options without succes. Anyone who can help?
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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes am 31 Aug. 2022
@Dion Theunissen - are you observing errors? Can you show the expected API format that you need to follow?

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Suraj am 13 Sep. 2023
Hi Dion,
I understand that you’re trying to make a "PUT request" but are facing an issue in setting the Authorization headers.
You can do this using “HTTPOptions” class and “Credentials” class in in MATLAB. Here is a code snippet to help you with the same –
% Set the username and password for authorization
username = 'loremipsum';
password = '****';
% Specify the URI (URL) for the API call
uri = "<your_url_here>";
% Specify the HTTP method as PUT
method = RequestMethod.PUT;
% Create the content type field for the header
contentTypeField = field.ContentTypeField('application/json');
header = [contentTypeField];
% Create the credentials for authorization
credentials = Credentials('Username', username, 'Password', password);
% Set the HTTP options and assign the credentials
options = HTTPOptions;
options.Credentials = credentials;
% Create the data to be sent in the request body = "e37b35dd-4aca-4ecb-8972-55c3a27a8b11";
data = jsonencode(s, 'PrettyPrint', true);
body = MessageBody(data);
% Create the request message with the specified method, header, and body
req = RequestMessage(method, header, body);
% Send the request to the specified URI with the options
resp = send(req, uri, options)
Here are the links to the documentation of some the above-mentioned classes:
  1. "Credentials" class:
  2. "HTTPOptions" class:
I hope this helps!
Thanks & regards,


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