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How to get the first derivative of pixels along of line?

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BA am 11 Aug. 2022
Kommentiert: BA am 12 Aug. 2022
#Here's my code
#it works for one frame when I did 'plot(diff(test))' but I need a way to implement it to the whole images
[x ,y]= ginput(2);
dif = zeros(size(M,3),1);
for i = 1:size(M,3)
I = M(:,:,i);
n = ceil(norm([diff(x), diff(y)]));
test = improfile(I,linspace(x(1), x(2),n), linspace(y(1), y(2),n));
dif(i) = diff(test);
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Rik am 12 Aug. 2022
Why did you flag your question as unclear? The only person who can clarify your question is you. Why don't you do so?
And why did you change your user name?
BA am 12 Aug. 2022
@RikI'd like to do some attempts and then reframe the question.

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KSSV am 12 Aug. 2022
REad about gradient

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