Editing structure fields using a MATLAB App

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Currently I am working on a project that requires an easy and user-friendly access to different variables, for this reason I am developing an app that simply allows to modify variables on the base workspace. The problem appears when structure fields are added, the assignin function prompts an error:
Error using assignin
Invalid variable name "Struct.Variable" in ASSIGNIN.
I would like to implement a method that can automatically evaluate all the variables in the base workspace preferably without using an auxiliary file. Furthermore I would also like to change the default values shown in the app layout whenever the values are changed using the Edit Field.
Thanks in advance

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Aug 2022
assignin() can only assign to complete un-indexed variables.
You will need to load the current struct into your workspace, modify the field, and assignin() the entire struct.
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Marc Arriola
Marc Arriola on 12 Aug 2022
Thanks for your answer, it worked perfectly as expected.

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