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how can we use max function inside while loop ?

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omar th
omar th am 29 Jul. 2022
Kommentiert: omar th am 1 Aug. 2022
My question, can we choose the maximimum value out of the maxvalue as explained below the first maxvalue 4 the second maxvalue 8, the third maxvalue 3 the fourth maxvalue 2 and the fifth max value is 6. ??
thanks in advance
while true
for i=1:20
x= do calculation from 1 up to 20 % (1:20= we call it one round)
[maxvalue(i), indxmax] = max(x(:));
maxvalue will be one value in each for loop round, but for loop will be repeated let say 5 times
so, maxvalue will be 4 in first 20 step, 8 in the second 20, 3 in third round, and so forth
up to 5 round
if x(i) >= maxvalue(i) % This condition to break the while loop

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David Hill
David Hill am 29 Jul. 2022
while 1
for i=1:20
x(i)= % calculations
maxvalue(count) = max(x);
if x(end) == maxvalue(end)
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omar th
omar th am 30 Jul. 2022
It's woked, thank you so much
omar th
omar th am 1 Aug. 2022
David Hill , please would you tell how can I find the global max. For example, if we for loop iterate its self 5 times, so, maxvalue from these iteration is 8, 3, 4, 5,6, here the max_maxvalue consider only the last maxvalue as max_maxvalue not compare among the max value og the 5 iterations and consider 8 as the max_maxvalue, I dont know to make that

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