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Use cell instead of struct, while keeping data's organization

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Science Machine
Science Machine am 19 Jul. 2022
Kommentiert: dpb am 19 Jul. 2022
I have a multi-level structure
where each field has hundreds of subfields.
Initially I am doing a math operation (fft) on the array that's exposed at the end of the structure, to get
After that, I would like to re-arrange Struct2 to expose now say the
r_1 ,..., r_n
I now do another math operation on the exposed array elements
, and so on: rearrange the fields to expose, then do a math operation.
  • Note that I would like the grab also the inner field also.
  • Is there a data structure that would be better than struct? I would like organize my data in terms of something more flexible such as cells. However, I need to keep tabs on the data in the same way as structs do.
  • I want to employ different data structure not only because speed concerns --- multiple for loops to reorganize data (3 layers of nesting) is not vectorized and hence really slow. I also would like to use gpu (so structs are no good for that)
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dpb am 19 Jul. 2022
I think you'd have to outine the data and objectives in sufficient detail somebody could try to design a better data structure that matches the problem -- I think simply trying to make sense of such a convoluted struct as you have described isn't going to happen for anybody on the outside without your inside knowledge of the problem.

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