When overloading a builtin function: can I copy the original signature to allow auto-complete?

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Say I define my own implementation for the plot function:
function varargout = plot(varargin)
% do my own stuff
% ...
% call the builtin function:
[varargout{1:nargout}] = builtin('plot', varargin{:});
It all works fine, except that the new function does not auto-complete.
Can I copy the signature of the built-in function to my new function to allow auto-complete?

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Ramtej am 5 Sep. 2023 um 10:55
Hi royk,
I assume "new function does not auto complete" means that MATLAB does not auto complete the name of your function.
The auto completion does not work because your new function definition file is not in the MATLAB path.
Add the folder of new function to the MATLAB path, then auto complete should work.
You can refer to the Function Precedence Order when you are calling the overloaded function.
Hope this resolves your query!


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