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Can I handle mathematical expressions as an outcome in Matlab?

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Rebeka am 18 Jul. 2022
Kommentiert: Torsten am 18 Jul. 2022
There is a matrix equation, , where, and . Elements of are known. Also are known. Therefore for each n I want to calculate the vector as a function of . As I understand I cannot use inverse operation as the unknown variable is sitting there. Is there any way to handle this in MATLAB?
Or, the only option is to calculate and write each element of as .
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Rebeka am 18 Jul. 2022
I wish to get a equation . The thing is the left hand side is a function of . Therefore I need to know how these are related to to to be able write it in a form like that. Yeah I guess I have to try it symbolic calculation. Thanks for the suggestion.
Torsten am 18 Jul. 2022
I'd just determine D1 numerically and calculate "a" from the above relation.
Then I'd check (also numerically) whether Dn*zeta_n = a*(zeta_n-1 + zeta_n+1) is true for n > 1.
This is not a rigorous proof, but ok as a start, I guess.

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