Creating an image using row number, column number, and corresponding Intensity?

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Hello Matlab experts,
I would like to create an image (pixel size 256x256) from a given data set which has three columns. Column 1 and 2 are basically different combination of row and column numbers (e.g. [r c] = [166 122], [166 123] etc.) and column 3 contains 'Intensity' corrposnding to each row number and column number. How do I create an image from such data given that there are 30000 data sets including repeatations?
Thanks a lot in advance for any leads.

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Jon am 5 Jul. 2022
Bearbeitet: Jon am 5 Jul. 2022
Suppose you have your data as you describe in matrix A, then you could use:
B = zeros(256,256); % preallocate array to hold image
idx = sub2ind(size(B),A(:,1),A(:,2)); % get linear, columnwise indices
B(idx) = A(:,3); % assign corresponding intensity values to form image matrix

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