hey ,i am using this function to implement gradient descent but it returns only the theta value not the J_history value,Please help me in this situtation

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function [theta,J_history] = gradientDescent(X, y, theta, alpha, num_iters)
% Initialize some useful values
m = length(y); % number of training examples
J_history = zeros(num_iters, 1);
for iter = 1:num_iters
% Save the cost J in every iteration
J_history(iter) = computeCost(X, y, theta);

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Rohit Kulkarni
Rohit Kulkarni on 2 Jul 2022
Edited: Rohit Kulkarni on 2 Jul 2022
Hi Ashok,
Are you facing this same issue :
The answer to this may solve your problem.

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