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How to create table?

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Rounak Saha Niloy
Rounak Saha Niloy am 30 Jun. 2022
Bearbeitet: Pratyush Swain am 30 Jun. 2022
I have 3 Problems named "A", "B", "C". For each three problems, I have 4 Performance Metrics- "D", "E", "F", "G". And for each performance metrics of each problem, I have 11 datas. From these, I want to create a table like this-
How do I do this?

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Pratyush Swain
Pratyush Swain am 30 Jun. 2022
Bearbeitet: Pratyush Swain am 30 Jun. 2022
One way to have this table is to assign problem name to each of its constituent problem metric.The table can take shape as follows: (I have used random values for stats)
V_table = table( ...
{'A';'A';'A';'A';'B';'B';'B';'B';'C';'C';'C';'C'}, ...
{'D';'E';'F';'G';'D';'E';'F';'G';'D';'E';'F';'G'}, ...
[0.4;0.4;70;60;4;2500;0.01;60;4;2500;0.01;60], ...
[0.4;0.4;70;60;4;2500;0.01;60;4;2500;0.01;60], ...
[0.4;0.4;70;60;4;2500;0.01;60;4;2500;0.01;60], ...
[0.4;0.4;70;60;4;2500;0.01;60;4;2500;0.01;60], ...
'VariableNames',{'Problem Name','Performance Metrics','Minimum Value','Maximum Value','Mean Value','Standard Value'})
For more information for creating table from files and various other functionalities you can refer here tables
I hope this helps.

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Chunru am 30 Jun. 2022
problem =["A", "A","A","A","B","B","B","B","C","C","C","C"]';
performance = ["D","E","F","G","D","E","F","G","D","E","F","G"]';
MinVal = randn(12, 1);
T = table(problem, performance, MinVal)
T = 12×3 table
problem performance MinVal _______ ___________ ________ "A" "D" -0.97409 "A" "E" 1.907 "A" "F" -0.57673 "A" "G" -0.43088 "B" "D" -2.1758 "B" "E" 2.0867 "B" "F" 1.0876 "B" "G" 0.057104 "C" "D" 0.36201 "C" "E" -0.58953 "C" "F" 0.17386 "C" "G" -0.96388





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