How to free memory from C-code in simulink embedded matlab code block

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Hi all,
I have an embedded matlab code block in a simulink simulation that makes calls to c functions to allocate memory and do some calculations. For example the code below: assume varA, varB are data structures created and allocated in C using the memallocfun function call.The types are defined in C.
persistent firstCall varA varB
if isempty(firstCall)
firstCall =1;
varA = coder.opaque('somestruct1 *','NULL','HeaderFile','defs.h');
varB = coder.opaque('somestruct2 *','NULL','HeaderFile','defs.h');
This code works and runs properly. My issue is that after the simulation is done I'd like to free the memory that was allocated by memallocfun. Should I do that in the StopFcn callback? Will StopFcn have access to the persistent variables created here? Otherwise, where should I free the memory created by C?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Jun 2022
StopFcn will not have access to the persistent variables. Use global and a datastore


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