How much of a given object can I cover from 1 fixed point, without going outside a defined boundary?

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See image; this shows a growth plate (a little crooked), with a margin (of say 1 mm) drawn above and below it, this is the dotted line. The red dot is a drill bit of certain diameter, hence the circle. This drill breaks the growth plate and may not break or reach anything outside of the dotted line. The idea is that at each point on the growth plate, it is calculated whether this point can be reached from the starting point of the drill without going outside this dotted line. For example, in the illustration, red can do this but green cannot, it will get outside the dotted line.
My idea now is to place the drill in the origin and to make the arc of the growth disk a function with x = ... and y= ... and thus calculate the DistanceFromOrigin each time. Only here I am not taking into account the boundary represented by the dotted line. Can anyone help me how to start?

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