How converting S-parameter to another with different impendance per port?

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Denis am 28 Jan. 2015
Beantwortet: Joe Wargo am 29 Jan. 2015
I would like to convert a mixed-mode S parameter onto another with different terminations and more specificatlly different impedance per port since the terminations can be different between differential and common modes for some reasons. I guess I am looking for a function similar to s2s but where I can put a vector of impendance with different values, one per port. Is it possible with the RF toolbox? how?

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Joe Wargo
Joe Wargo am 29 Jan. 2015
Hello Denis,
Unfortunately, the RF Toolbox does not support per-port impedances "out of the box". The RF Toolbox interprets vectors of impedances as "per-frequency" instead.
The best help I can suggest are the functions provided for mixed mode functionality: see
doc s2smm
Sadly, if this isn't general enough for your use-case, the flexibility of per-port impedances does not yet exist in the RF Toolbox.


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