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How I can get optical flow from sequential frames?( the number of frames is 180)

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Hi everyone, I have a question about image processing, I have a clip from dataset ped2. I want to get optical flow from this clip. But in my clip there are all of frames and I dont want to use film from, in fact my inputs are sequntional frames that their formats are '.png'.
please help me...
How I can get optical flow from this sequentioal images? (the number of frames is 180)
I got to know with several algorithm for optical flow, for example opticalFlowLKDoG, opticalFlowLK and opticalFlowHS, I know how I can use from those algorithm for get optical flow for a film but for a sequentioal frames I dont know....

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hatefe soleymany
hatefe soleymany am 24 Mai 2022
I could write it answer.
We can use this cod:
for clip=1:16
clipsize= [10 150 150 180 180 150 150 120 180 180 180 180 180 150 150 150];
for i=10:clipsize(clip)
L1=imread(['outfile\test' int2str(clip) '\new_img' num2str(i-1) '.png']);
L2=imread(['ourfile\test' int2str(clip) '\new_img' num2str(i) '.png']);
ww = 40;
w = round(ww/2);
% Reduce the size of the image
sc = 2;
im2c = imresize(L2, 1/sc);
C1 = corner(im2c);
C1 = C1*sc;
% Discard coners near the margin of the image
k = 1;
for iI1 = 1:size(C1,1)
x_i = C1(iI1, 2);
y_i = C1(iI1, 1);
if x_i-w>=1 && y_i-w>=1 && x_i+w<=size(L1,1)-1 && y_i+w<=size(L1,2)-1
C(k,:) = C1(iI1,:);
k = k+1;
Ix_m = conv2(L1,[-1 1; -1 1], 'valid'); % partial on x
Iy_m = conv2(L1, [-1 -1; 1 1], 'valid'); % partial on y
It_m = conv2(L1, ones(2), 'valid') + conv2(L2, -ones(2), 'valid'); % partial on t
u = zeros(round(length(C)./3),1);
v = zeros(round(length(C)./2),1);
% within window ww * ww
for k = 1:length(C(:,2))
iI1 = C(k,2);
j = C(k,1);
Ix = Ix_m(iI1-w:iI1+w, j-w:j+w);
Iy = Iy_m(iI1-w:iI1+w, j-w:j+w);
It = It_m(iI1-w:iI1+w, j-w:j+w);
Ix = Ix(:);
Iy = Iy(:);
b = -It(:); % get b here
A = [Ix Iy]; % get A here
nu = pinv(A)*b;
hold on;
quiver(C(:,1), C(:,2), u,v, 1,'r')

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hatefe soleymany
hatefe soleymany am 24 Mai 2022




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