My geotiffinfo command is not working suddenly. How to correct the error?

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I was using the "geotiffinfo" command to read the lat and lon of a geotiff file. It was working well till last night but suddenly it is giving an error. How to rectify it? The error is like this:
info=geotiffinfo("E:\MODIS 8 Day GPP Data\MODISp05File.tif"); % 0.05 degrees resolution
Error using tifflib
Unable to open TIFF file "E:\MODIS 8 Day GPP Data\MODISp05File.tif".
Error in Tiff (line 660)
obj.FileID = tifflib('open',filename,mode);
Error in geotiffinfo>tiffinfo (line 305)
t = Tiff(filename);
Error in geotiffinfo>readinfo (line 271)
tiff_info = tiffinfo(filename);
Error in geotiffinfo (line 258)
info = readinfo(filename);
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Abhishek Chakraborty
Abhishek Chakraborty am 15 Mai 2022
Thanks, it worked. I just restarted the computer and the same code started working suddenly.

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