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Is there any MATLAB documentation about fourier transforming into the frequency-time domain for a frequency vs time plot?

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I have a data set that I have fourier transformed into amplitude vs frequency and amplitude vs time plots, but I want to make a frequency vs time plot. I want the frequency vs time plot to be a line plot, not a spectrogram, but all of the MATLAB documentation I can find is about spectrograms. Does anyone know where I can find how to make just a frequency vs time line plot?

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Binaya am 6 Okt. 2023
Hi Brianna,
I understand your query is to generate a line plot for a Fourier transform on a frequency vs time graph.
According to the theory of Fourier transform, the Fourier transform provides information about the intensity of frequencies present within a given time window. As a result, plots generated from Fourier transform analysis typically represent either the amplitude versus frequency or amplitude versus time relationship. However, when attempting to create a plot in the frequency versus time domain, a single line plot is not feasible due to the presence of multiple frequency components in the data at any given time (unless the data consists solely of a single harmonic component).
To address this, a spectrogram is employed to visualize the frequency content over time. The spectrogram allows for the representation of multiple frequency components at different time intervals, providing a comprehensive view of the frequency-time relationship in the data. By utilizing a spectrogram, one can effectively analyse and interpret the frequency variations over time in each signal or audio data.
I hope this addresses your query.

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