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Was struct2array removed from MATLAB?

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Mark Lepage
Mark Lepage am 12 Mai 2022
Kommentiert: Star Strider am 27 Mär. 2024
I am using a newish program, but I am getting the error:
Unrecognized function or variable 'struct2array'.
I remember using this in the past, but appears to longer be a part of MATLAB?

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dpb am 12 Mai 2022
Bearbeitet: dpb am 12 Mai 2022
struct2cell seems to be lowest level still extant, yes. <struct2array#answer_403725> gives some history(*) of its evolution from the Signal Processing Toolbox to main product to now apparently red-haired stepchild.
I suppose that since a struct isn't required to be directly convertible to an array given the different field content possible, TMW decided it wasn't a generally-enough-applicable function to keep so they abandoned it.
(*) I don't know when I've used it, if ever; I also tend to avoid struct when can, generally using the table for heterogenous data instead, so hadn't ever noticed anything about it.
I'm still using R2020b here; there it is still extant, but the doc page is just the help text one-liner. I dunno, that may have been the extent always on that...
>> which -all struct2array
>> which -all struct2cell
built-in (C:\ML_R2020b\toolbox\matlab\datatypes\@struct\struct2cell) % struct method
All struct2array is is the catenation of the output from struct2cell into an array -- which may/may not always work...
>> type struct2array
function a = struct2array(s)
%STRUCT2ARRAY Convert structure with doubles to an array.
...dpb snip...
% Convert structure to cell
c = struct2cell(s);
% Construct an array
a = [c{:}];
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Greg am 26 Mär. 2024
I just discovered this myself. I have two different machines, both running R2024a. My code that calls struct2array runs perfectly fine in one, and not the other. The other has no doc installed, and a trimmed list of installed toolboxes. I tried to use license inuse on the working machine, but apparently even though it comes from a toolbox (either Signal Processing or Digital Signal Processing as mentioned elsewhere), it does not consume a license for said toolbox. This makes it very difficult to track down. And now I have a toolbox dependency, but not a license dependency?
Star Strider
Star Strider am 27 Mär. 2024
I can’t find struct2array in the online documentation (that lists absolutely everything), or in an Interweb search.
I don’t use structures very often, however a workaround could be to combine struct2table and table2array, perhaps in your own ‘struct2array’ function.

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