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Why can't Matlab figures be opened using Matlab on MAC?

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Brianna Miranda
Brianna Miranda am 5 Mai 2022
Bearbeitet: Rik am 1 Sep. 2022
I am trying to open saved matlab figures on my mac but when I open the .fig file I get a Finder error stating "there is no application set to open the document." When I click choose application, it will not allow me to select MATLAB_R2019b. How am I supposed to open matlab figures when this occurs?

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Animesh Gupta
Animesh Gupta am 1 Sep. 2022
Hello Brianna,
It is my understanding that you want to open saved MATLAB figures.
The figures saved in MATLAB with '.fig' extension can be opened in MATLAB using command openfig command.
You may refer the following link for more information -
I hope it helps.


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