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Unable to execute Scheduler in implement Target for ARM cortex-A.

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Manobal M
Manobal M am 26 Apr. 2022
I'm trying to implement the target for ARM cortex-A. I have installed the addon and implementing the steps as mentioned in
" "
Upto the Activate the Application Deployment Feature (step 5) the test was successful. It is at the Scheduler test getting failed and the error log in Matlab window is,
Build Summary
Top model targets built:
Model Action Rebuild Reason
model3DT Code generated and compiled Code generation information file does not exist.
1 of 1 models built (0 models already up to date)
Build duration: 0h 0m 22.739s
Verification failed in matlabshared.targetsdk.verify.Scheduler/checkMultiRateMultiTasking.
Test Diagnostic:
Cannot obtain file 'model3DT.mat' from the target hardware. Message returned:
Framework Diagnostic:
--> The logical values are not equal.
Actual Value:
Expected Value:
Stack Information:
In C:\ProgramData\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2021b\toolbox\shared\supportpackages\sdk\+matlabshared\+targetsdk\+verify\Scheduler.p (Scheduler.verifySchedulerThroughMatfileLog) at 0
In C:\ProgramData\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2021b\toolbox\shared\supportpackages\sdk\+matlabshared\+targetsdk\+verify\Scheduler.p (Scheduler.checkMultiRateMultiTasking) at 0
.Done matlabshared.targetsdk.verify.Scheduler
Failure Summary:
Name Failed Incomplete Reason(s)
matlabshared.targetsdk.verify.Scheduler/checkMultiRateSingleTasking X Failed by verification.
matlabshared.targetsdk.verify.Scheduler/checkMultiRateMultiTasking X Failed by verification.
I'm using linaro toolchain4.8 and Arm cortex processor on Beaglebone board. When tried to manually test the scheduler the build was successful but unable to run the same on the Hardware. Eventhough the elf file was generated in the board, It couldn't be run.

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