Error using Mex command!

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Paul Hinze
Paul Hinze am 21 Apr. 2022
Beantwortet: Chandu am 25 Apr. 2022
my mex command does not work.
Here is the code:
clear all;
mex -v model_IHC_BEZ2018.c complex.c
clear all;
mex -v model_Synapse_BEZ2018.c complex.c
The error message is:
Error using mex
Supported compiler not detected. For options, visit
Error in mexANmodel (line 2)
mex -v model_IHC_BEZ2018.c complex.c
When i go on the mentioned website, I do not know which extra compiler i should install?

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Chandu am 25 Apr. 2022
Mex function compiles and links one or more C++ source files written with MATLAB API for C++ into binary MEX file.
Regarding the error encountered, a supported mex compiler is not installed on your MATLAB.
Execute the following command in your MATLAB command terminal and check for available compilers, if no compilers found, try installing the supported compilers,
>> mex -setup
You can also refer to mex, supported compilers MathWorks Documentation for future reference.

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