Plot single vector from 3D array

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Brian on 15 Jan 2015
Answered: Sara on 15 Jan 2015
I have a 5x5x150 3d array where I am saving a time series of correlations between variables. At the end of my code I'm attempting to plot the time series correlation between two variables with a command like plot(MyVar(1,1,:)). I get the error message that my data cannot have more than two dimensions because obviously MyVar(1,1,:) = a 1x1x150 3d Matrix. In that same command, how can I concatenate that command into a single vector so that it can be utilized by the plot command? The end value being plotted should by a 150x1 vector.
Hopefully my intention here is clear and thanks in advance for the help, Brian
Brian on 15 Jan 2015
Perfect, I knew there would be a simple command to do what I was intending. Thanks Sara. If you make your comment an answer I'll mark the question as answered.

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Accepted Answer

Sara on 15 Jan 2015
Try this:

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