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calculate the rectified value

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Emefun am 3 Apr. 2022
Kommentiert: Emefun am 3 Apr. 2022
Hey, im new here. Today we were given the task of calculating the rectified value of a function. I have already written this function and it works as required. Now we have to compare this result with the build-in function of Matlab, but I can't find this function anywhere. Can someone please help me?
function [rectified_value] = my_rv(A)
%rectified value
%calculate rectified value of a series of data
% Input...matrix [] or function
a = size(A); %identify matrix dimension
amount_A = abs(A); %convert negative numbers to positive numbers
sum_a = sum(amount_A, "all"); %sum every single value in the matrix
numBer = a(1,1)*a(1,2); %calculate number of places within a matrix
rectified_value = (1./numBer).*(sum_a); %calculate the rectified value

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Torsten am 3 Apr. 2022
built_in_value = mean(abs(A(:)))
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Emefun am 3 Apr. 2022
Thank you very much, I didn't know it was that easy. Have a nice Sunday

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