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Regular polygon drawing with number of sides and number of points per side as input

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Hello, I want to generate the points that define a regular polygon (a hexagon in my case). I am able to generate the vertices as:
nsides = 6; % hexagon
stepsize = 360/nsides;
theta = 0:stepsize:359;
x = cosd(theta);
y = sind(theta);
This only generates the vertices (ie 1 point per side), but I also want to include the possibility to choose the number of points per side. For the hexagon case the code above generates 6 points, but I would like the hexagon to have also 6 additional points located at the centre of each side, so 12 in total. How could I improve the code above to do this? Thanks

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William Rose
William Rose am 30 Mär. 2022
There are different way you could go. One way is to define a time vector
Define the corner coordinates points.
theta = 0:60:360;
x = cosd(theta);
y = sind(theta);
The initial point appear at the start and at the end. Choose the number of points per side:
Create a time vector for interpolating the points:
Plot x1 versus y1.
axis equal

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