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Plot the regular function and Fourier transform

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Tu Nguyen
Tu Nguyen am 28 Feb. 2022
syms x a b L
n = [-10:0.01:10];
f = inline('rectangularPulse(a,b,x)','x')
f_FT = (1/L)*fourier(f);
Hi guys, I am confused about this assignment, I choose the rect function and transfer to its Fourier transform, but I am confused about the variable, my professor want the plot x over y, not the time. So, in this case, I change x to n/L and plot on interval (-10, 10) correct?

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson am 28 Feb. 2022
y for the first plot would be the rectangular pulse value. x would be the range -10 to 10. For the plot of the fourier transform, the y would be the magnitude of the fourier transform output, the x values may be arbitrary. They want to show the important details so you may need to experiment with different frequency ranges for that plot to see what makes sense.

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