How to allign Y axis of a image with out reversing image?

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The axis of the image is not alligned with the coordinate system. Could someone help in this regard? If I use set(gca,'YDir','normal') , the image is flipping upside down.
clear all;clc;close all;
rgb = imread('mango.png');
s = size(rgb);
h1 = image([-0.5 0.5],[-0.7 0.7],rgb);
h1.AlphaData = 1;
% set(gca,'YDir','normal')

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Matt J
Matt J am 21 Feb. 2022
Bearbeitet: Matt J am 21 Feb. 2022
rgb = imread('peppers.png');
h1 = image([-0.5 0.5],[0.7 -0.7],rgb,'AlphaData',1);

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