Looking for companies/ freelancer developers who can develop the MATLAB software according to our requirements.

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Hello everyone,
We are a global company and we are looking for companies or freelancer matlab developers, who can develop the software as per our requirements. We can discuss the details.
Request to all the developers here: Please let me know in the comments if you have some contacts/ know companies who can provide the service.
Thanks and regards.
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Ali Farzi
Ali Farzi am 2 Sep. 2023
Hello. I am Ali Farzi. I am professional in writing programs with MATLAB for chemical engineering applications. I have written a software tool for the simulation of adsorption chillers. Also, I have simulated different physical and chemical processes such as regular and reactive distillation columns, etc. I can work remotely in any software tool development projects related to chemical and biochemical engineering.
Ali Farzi

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord am 1 Feb. 2022
Have you considered using the MathWorks consulting department?


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