Problem with .tif images display in matlab

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Rohit Thokala
Rohit Thokala on 18 Dec 2021
Edited: DGM on 18 Dec 2021
I don't understand why my images (.TIF extension) are not showing clearly in MATLAB. When I try to view same picture in any other photo viewer app, I can see a clear image.Below I am attaching my image in matlab (on the left) and genral image in photo viewer(on the right). somebody please explain me what to do. Thanks in advance
I used the following simple code to display image in matlab.
img = imread("Water_T_90_t_inj_10_P_05_M10250.tif");

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Accepted Answer

DGM on 18 Dec 2021
Edited: DGM on 18 Dec 2021
When displaying images, imshow(), etc. expect the data to be within a certain range. For floating point data, black is 0, white is 1. For (unsigned) integer data, black is 0, white is the largest value that the integer class can represent. For example, white is 255 for uint8, or 65535 for uint16.
Your image is uint16, but the data only spans 0-4095, so it's rendered as a nearly-black frame. Since the image is RGB, trying to use the displayrange parameter for imshow() (i.e. imshow(myimage,[])) isn't going to work as intended.
If all you want to do is display the image, you can do so a few different ways:
imshow(mat2gray(A)); % the name is misleading; works fine with RGB
Both of the above will normalize the data to its extrema. The result is a floating-point image in the appropriate range of 0-1 and should display correctly.
If instead of merely displaying it, you wanted to use this as your working image, you could.
B = mat2gray(A);
If you wanted the working image to be a particular class, use im2uint16(), im2uint8(), etc. to cast and rescale the data correctly.
B = im2uint16(mat2gray(A));

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