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matlab 2014b on Yosemite, high CPU%

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Qiliang am 21 Okt. 2014
Hi there,
I just upgraded my OSX to 10.10 and installed the 2014b. But the matlab uses about >100% of CPU after startup, and sometime it goes up to 500%..... and the matlab freezes up.
I do notice that on the bottom of "current folder" dialog, it says " getting status for files " and it keeps doing it.
Does any of you guys know what could have caused this problem?

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Bruno Pop-Stefanov
Bruno Pop-Stefanov am 22 Okt. 2014
The getting status for files message appears because of the Source Control integration in the Current Folder browser. Try disabling Source Control if you are not using it.
To disable Source Control:
  1. Click Preferences in the Home tab of the MATLAB Desktop
  2. Go to MATLAB > General > Source Control and select None
  3. Click OK
Now restart MATLAB and you shouldn't see a spike in CPU usage anymore. Let me know if you still do.
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Jaime Batiz
Jaime Batiz am 28 Jul. 2015
Turning off Source Control didn't help me. I'm working with a small .mat file (172KB) that contains a structure of structures, several levels deep. Just by loading it, and inspecting a structure with the Variable Viewer window, and then moving on to other applications makes Matlab's CPU % jump to 100%+ and slows it down to the point that it is unusable after 30 minutes (or so) of inactivity.
Nicholas Bergantz
Nicholas Bergantz am 28 Okt. 2020
This fixed it for me. Is Mathworks going to get around to fixing the underlying problem? 6years later?

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Anthony am 21 Nov. 2014
Hi all,
Same story here w/ updating to yosemite with r2014b - slow as molasses. This is ridiculous, particularly with any plots. Disabling source control helps to a minor extent.
Are there any work arounds or fixes?


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