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How to generate the sine function for the DataAcquisition Digilent Analog Discovery tutorial?

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I'm trying to create a sine function to use in the DataAcquisition toolbox tutorial for the Digilent Analog Discovery 2. My plot does not resemble the plot in the tutorial so I think the issue is in how I am defining the sine function. Below is the link to the daq tutorial I am following and my code.
dq = daq("digilent");
% Create sine function
ch_fgen = addoutput(dq,"AD1","1","Sine");
ch_fgen.Name = "AD1_1_fgen";
gain = 5; % set channel gain to 5 (sets amp of sine wave to 5 volts)
ch_fgen.Gain = gain; % assign gain to a variable
ch_fgen.Frequency = 1000; % set signal frequency to 1kHz
% Add an analog input channel
ch_in = addinput(dq, "AD1", "1", "Voltage");
% Set data acquisition and channel properties
ch_in.Name = "AD1_1_in";
rate = 300e3;
dq.Rate = rate;
ch_in.Range = [-2.5 2.5];
% Acquire a single sample
[singleReading, startTime] = read(dq);
% Acquire timestamped data
[data, startTime] = read(dq, seconds(1));
% Plot acquired data
plot(data.Time, data.AD1_1_in)
xlabel('Time (s)')
ylabel('Voltage (V)')
title(['Clocked Data Triggered on: ' datestr(startTime)])

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