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Surface plot from dataset not dependent on X and Y

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daniel tarp
daniel tarp am 8 Nov. 2021
Kommentiert: Walter Roberson am 14 Nov. 2021
Hi i am generating a wave hight interpolation by the code below and want to make a surface plot over time.
but when i try to plot the surf plot it takes all the 6000 interpolatet lines and plots them in one plane 6000 times over the time series.
i do not know if i the surf plot only works with a Z dependent on X and Y directly?
load('data_3D_plot.mat') % loading wave data
Ts = 0.02;
time = (0:1:6000-1)*Ts;
d = [0 50 100 150 200]; % point across the bassin
xq = (0:0.1:200); % setps across
v= zeros(6000,5);
for i=1:length(time)
v(i,1:5) = [MonoHeight005Period3685Sensor2(i,1) MonoHeight005Period3685Sensor2(i,1) MonoHeight005Period3685Sensor2(i,2) MonoHeight005Period3685Sensor2(i,3) MonoHeight005Period3685Sensor2(i,3)];
vq(i,1:2001) = interpn(d,v(i,:),xq,'spline');
do i need to alter the code for generating the vq matrix or can it be done whit che code at hand?
thanks for the help

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 8 Nov. 2021
plot(time, vq.')
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daniel tarp
daniel tarp am 14 Nov. 2021
that gives me the plot below and it looks like it is all 6000 lines in each time step
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 14 Nov. 2021
I recommend adding 'edgecolor', 'none' to the surf() call.

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