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Programmatically package a toolbox

Asked by Sam Roberts on 3 Oct 2014
Latest activity Answered by Sean de Wolski
on 21 Mar 2016
The toolbox packaging functionality new in 14b looks pretty nice.
However, you seem to be able to package a toolbox only via the toolbox-packaging GUI. I'd like to be able to create a .prj file interactively, and then programmatically package the toolbox using this .prj file, incorporating this programmatic step into a wider build process (which also includes checking things out, running a unit-test suite etc).
Is there any way to do this (documented or not, supported or not)?
I took a look at MATLAB\R2014b\toolbox\matlab\toolbox_packaging\+matlab\+tbxpkg\+internal\create.m - this seems to mostly do the job, but it requires that the .prj file is in a specific location relative to the toolbox folder. I was hoping for something similar to the app-building classes such as matlab.apputil.

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on 16 Mar 2016
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Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 21 Mar 2016
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