Question about how to put several values in one histogram

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Lingbai Ren
Lingbai Ren am 22 Sep. 2021
Kommentiert: Lingbai Ren am 24 Sep. 2021
I was writing the code for the rock paper scissors game, the last step is to graph the results (i.e player win times, computer win times, and draw times). The number I got for those three are 3,4,3. The histogram part I did as following:
stats_data = [user_win_time,draw,comp_win_time];
stats_plot = histogram(stats_data);
% And the graph I got is attached
It does not look as expected, can anyone help to improve the histogram? Also informing me how to add legends to histogram as well! I appreciate that!

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Chunru am 22 Sep. 2021
You should not use histogram. You should use bar:
bar([3 4 3])
set(gca, 'XTickLabel', ["Player" "Computer" "Draw"])

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Viranch Patel
Viranch Patel am 22 Sep. 2021
You can do something like this.
X = categorical({'user win time','draw','computer win time'});
X = reordercats(X,{'user win time','draw','computer win time'});
Y = [3 4 3];
h = bar(X,Y);
For legends you can refer to this answer as well. Hope it helps.





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