How to use LaTeX interpreter for aligning words within an xlabel for a tilelayout?

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f = figure();
t = tiledlayout( 3, 1 );
a = gobjects( 3, 1 );
for idx = 1:3
% Plot some stuff in each subplot tile.
a( idx ) = nexttile( idx );
% Give each their own unique xlabels.
xlabel( gca, ['xlabel for axis: ', num2str( idx )] );
title( t, '\underline{title using latex formatting}', 'Interpreter', 'Latex' );
ylabel( t, 'A Y-Label that applies to all of my tiles', 'Interpreter', 'Latex' );
xlabel( t, 'Left Text\qquad{}\qquad{}\qquad{}Center Text\qquad{}\qquad{}\qquad{}Right Text', 'Interpreter', 'Latex'); % Ad-hoc, not standardized.
Is there a better way to do this? Ideally, "Left Text" is fully left-justified, "Center Text" is centered, and "Right Text" is fully right-justified. There's likely a LaTeX package that does it, but I don't know what it is and I doubt that MATLAB has it imported.
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dpb on 10 Sep 2021
I dunno about "better", but probably easiest would be to just use text to place the xlabel text where you wish for each section.

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