rearrange an equation in simulink

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Pablo Sevilla
Pablo Sevilla on 7 Sep 2021
Commented: Pablo Sevilla on 8 Sep 2021
I have the following equation modelled in simulink:
y=D·sin(C·arctan(B·x -E·(B·x - arctan(B·x))))
where x is the input variable and B,C,D and E are constants. So I can obtain the y value for any x input.
Lets say I want the other way around, puting an y value as input and get x value. Is there any easy way to do that? or do I need to do all the math to get x=f(y) and create another model?
Thank you!

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Paul on 7 Sep 2021
I'm not necessarily recommending this, but since you asked you can try an Algegbraic Constraint block.
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Pablo Sevilla
Pablo Sevilla on 8 Sep 2021
It worked!
The Algebraic Constraint block did the trick!
Thank you!

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cr on 7 Sep 2021
No known blocks/methods to pull off such a thing in Simulink. Did you try symbolic math?
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Pablo Sevilla
Pablo Sevilla on 8 Sep 2021
Thanks for the suggestion. I've tried to get x=f(y) with the "solve" and "isolate" commands but it seems that matlab couldnt isolate x in this formula.

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