How to regrid into different resolution without interpolation?

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Subhodh Sharma
Subhodh Sharma on 7 Sep 2021
Answered: Matt J on 7 Sep 2021
I have a 2d data of resolution 0.5 deg. lat=-89.75:0.5:89.75 and lon=-179.75:0.5:179.75. data has dimension (720*360), first dim=lon, 2nd dim=lat.
I want to make data to a 2 deg resolution by taking 2 deg * 2 deg grid box. Averaging all the values coming inside this box. In this way it would be a 2 deg resolution without interpolation.
I have done it using griddata interpolation. I want to crossverify it with the above method.
Thanking you in advance.

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