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typedef error: Mex file Matlab 2013b OSX 10.

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Joseph Cullen
Joseph Cullen am 4 Jun. 2014
I am getting the following error when trying to run a mex file I compiled on a Mac use the compiler in Xcode. Other users have said that they needed to change the typedef for Linux. Any ideas about what it should be for Mac?
Error using find1dmex
FIND1DMEX: incorrect int32 definition (modify MEX file is required)
Error in findfirst (line 106)
B = find1dmex(A, count);
Error in test_nonparam (line 80)
For Windows
typedef __int64 int64;
typedef __int32 int32;
typedef __int16 int16;
typedef __int8 int08;
For Linux:
typedef long long int int64;
typedef long int int32;
typedef short int16;
typedef char int08;
For Mac: ??????????????

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