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Exporting a GUI to be used without MATLAB

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Dave am 19 Jul. 2011
I am trying to send a GUI made in GUIDE to someone who doesn't have MATLAB and has no practical/not-incredibly-expensive way of obtaining their own copy. So the question is, how do I write a shell program to operate this GUI from, say, Java/Basic/C/++, with minimal extra files needing to be sent (engines, libraries, etc.)?
I've been reading the help files, but they don't really say much about running MATLAB programs outside of MATLAB like this. I don't really need an elegant solution, just a quick and dirty framework here.

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per isakson
per isakson am 20 Jul. 2011
AFAIK, you will need the Matlab Compiler. See
MATLAB® Compiler™ compiles a MATLAB® application into a standalone application or software component. The act of compiling this code is sometimes referred to as building.
- per
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 20 Jul. 2011
Yes, Compiler at the very least, and possibly Builder JA or Builder NET if you specifically want Java or .NET access.

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