How can students solve Cody Coursework problems from MATLAB?

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With the introduction of Cody Coursework, I'm often asked how students can use MATLAB on the desktop to solve assigned programming problems.

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MathWorks Community Team
MathWorks Community Team on 27 Feb 2014
Edited: MathWorks Community Team on 24 Apr 2015
This is why MathWorks has made the Test Suite visible to students. Students are encouraged to use MATLAB on their computer to solve problems. To make this possible, students simply copy and paste the Test Suite code into a MATLAB script which, in turn, calls their solution. Once satisfied, they then copy their solution into Cody Coursework and submit it for assessment.

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Omar Edrees
Omar Edrees on 15 Feb 2017
how to write a function that do the same function as (sign) on matlab


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