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Can't work with an executable through Matlab

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Jeena am 18 Feb. 2014
Geschlossen: MATLAB Answer Bot am 20 Aug. 2021
Hi all,
I have two executable programs - First program has a MS DOS interface (when I open the executable, I can see the black command prompt window interface) . Second program doesn't look like having a MS DOS interface ( when I open the executable, I can see menu bars and other options) ...
I need to run multiple simulations in both of these programs and running each trial one by one is lengthy. Instead I want to call the executable through Matlab and supply the name of the file required for the simulation.
I was successful in doing this for Program 1 ( by including the command ' dos(['Program1.exe < ' filename])). Matlab opens the program, supply the files required and the program runs automatically...
I tried doing the same in the second program , and this time Matlab could make the executable open, but couldn't supply the filename to the program. So the program opens and waits for the user to supply the filename .... This is of no good to me and I have still manually supply the filename each time..
I tried using other commands like - 'system' , !ProgramName , 'run' etc... But in all these methods, it yielded the same screen...
Any solution to this is highly appreciable....
Thanks, Jeena

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