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Plot the intensity profile of an image

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surangkana am 28 Jan. 2014
Beantwortet: Shivaputra Narke am 28 Jan. 2014
Dear all
I have an x-ray image of an object and I would like plot the intensity profile along the line path an image. I can do this on ImageJ and I got point(x,y) where x is the distance(pixel) and y is the intensity value. How can I use Matlab to plot intensity profile and get point(x,y)? If I would like to calculate mean and standard deviation of this profile, how should I do?
Thank you

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Shivaputra Narke
Shivaputra Narke am 28 Jan. 2014
1. locate the path using edge operator 2. Now you have location for that line path. 3. Let's say your image is TestImg IntValues=TestImg(Pathlocation); 4.Plot(IntValues). You will have inensity along that line path. 5.Use IntValues for further calculation like mean,variance,std dev.

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Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor am 28 Jan. 2014
If you have the Image Processing Toolbox:


Mehr zu Image Processing Toolbox finden Sie in Help Center und File Exchange

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